Game Zones


The Safe area

Our site features a very large custom build safe area for you to chill out in between games. We have over 20 pub style benches and plenty of shelter if the weather is not so good. If the suns out the guns are out so you can chill out on the grass soaking up some mid game rays.

Below are our fields and some of the key features of them. We play a varity of game modes so no experience on one field is ever the same. Our fields are not small and can easily be played on by 150 players at a time.

The Village

The village features a range of buildings for you to shoot from or hide in. Out the front of the village is woodland and trenches for players stealthy players to work there way in.

Oil Tycoon

This field is covered in oil drums and when the shooting starts you will definitly hear it. This field also features dense woodland all around it so players can come from all angles.

Tyre Fort

This field features lots and lots of tyres! The key feature is a tyre fort directly in the middle of the field.

Over The Top

This field features trenches running all the way around it with open ground in the middle. Will you go over the top?

The Gauntlet

With dense woodland all over the field apart from a clearing in the middle...will you run the gautlet?

The Tower

With trenches all over this field and a tower stucture in the middle how will you play it? stay hidden or claim the tower.

Getting your bearings

This is the field everyone plays to get used to paintball. It features open ground and a mound with trenches in the middle.


New field in development.


Max Taylor

"Visited the site on the 25th November. This was my third time paint balling and by far the best day I have had ever when paint balling!! All of the staff and marshalls were excellent and very friendly. They put safety first which is very good. Overall Fantastic fun, would highly recommend and will be revisiting soon. All of the different zones were awesome too. Thanks!"

Hannah Reed

"Had an amazing day Paintballing for a friends birthday here today! The staff were brilliant. Cracking jokes here and there making us laugh but also very professional. We played a variety of games which were so much fun! Kit was great and the overalls/mask weren't smelly at all (first time paintballing and I assumed the rental stuff would be stinky!)"

Nick Mattis

"This is a wonderful company, super helpful and very enthusiastic. They made an already fun experience absolutely amazing. Thank you guys, I’ll definitely be back and have recommended you to friends."